My guest this week is special forces veteran and firearms instructor Aaron Barruga.  After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan Aaron branched out to form his own training company, Guerrilla Approach.  He wants students to push themselves out of their comfort zone because that’s where the real learning begins.

Aaron also has made a name for himself publicly questioning current training techniques and norms that have been propagated specifically on the internet.  These challenges of course have rustled a bunch of feathers but the truths he professes are only beneficial to all shooters.

In this podcast Aaron explains the steps you need to take to respond if you are caught up in a terrorist attack, how to redefine what you see as training on instagram and use a critical eye and finally why competition will help you develop the tactical techniques you need as a shooter.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Guerrilla Approach

Aaron’s Blog

Aaron’s DVD on Vehicle Tactics (affiliate link)


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