Sig’s entry into the crowded striker fired market had to be well thought out.  It could seem that they just threw a striker in a shell of a P250.  Yes, the frame is the P250 and the exterior of the slide.  But that’s where it ends.  In my opinion, this little marvel is a serious contender to the LEO world where strikers are king.

First off, let’s talk about the positive of the P250.  It is a sexy looking space age gun.  It reminded me of Robocop’s hardware.  The genius of the P250 was that there were different sized frames, not just grip panels.  I was never a fan of replaceable back straps because they would be prone to breakage or fall off at inopportune moments.  These frames are solid.  Included in each frame is the mag release.  Again, solid and well built.  My only issue with it is that I would like to have the ability to get more of an extended release.  Who knows, they might have an aftermarket part in the works.  Since the P250 has been out for a while, there are plenty of holsters available and for LEOs, Safariland has their awesome ALS holsters already built.

The grip angle is dead on and the gun points perfectly for me.  Oh, and the barrel…Sig quality.  When we talk about the groups later on, I have to remind you this is a stock gun.  No replacement match barrel needed.  I had similar groupings when I first started in law enforcement with my Sig 226.  You can gripe about Sig prices, but let’s not forget that these guns come ready to rock.

Now, if you are one of these guys who had a double/single 226 or 229 for twenty some years and want to come to the 21st century, a lot of agencies will point you to other big named striker guns.  The big problem there is that you now have a completed different trigger feel and pull.  I’ve seen many people get extremely upset having to make that change.  This is Sig’s answer that problem.  The trigger feels exactly like the trigger on my 226 (I think it’s same one..)  Once you start the pull, you get an immediate crisp break and super fast reset.

I measured the trigger pull to approximately 7 pounds, averaged over ten pulls.  It feels lighter.  If you are used to the 4 lb SA on the 226, I will tell you it is damn close in feel.  Finally, the guns come with night sights (again, keeping LEOs in mind).

I tested the gun right out of the box to see what it could do.  I kept it simple:  5 shot groups at 25 and 50 yards with each frame, standing offhand, then Bill drills at 7 yards.  For the groups, I picked the best out of three attempts.  It was sunny and about 90 degrees.  And I’m an Aries…

This is my group at 25 yards with the medium back strap installed.  One and a half inches for my first attempt during that string and the best of the groups.

For me, the large back strap produced the best group at 50 yards, about 4 inches.  Note that this was my first time shooting this gun.  I was pretty excited.

Next up were Bill drills.  I used both Winchester White Box 115gr. and Atlanta Arms 147gr.  Both the medium and large back straps worked well for me and had similar results.  With the 147gr. I was getting consistent .18 and .19 splits on about 2 second runs.  Not bad for a stock trigger.  I’d say you would have to search hard to find a stock gun that could produce that kind of results without polishing and playing with springs.

I highly recommend this gun.  They also have a compact frame for plain clothes detectives or conceal carry citizens and (this is really exciting) they just announced that they are testing the sub-compact for a more concealed carry or backup gun.

The coolest thing about this firearm is the ability to remove the frame assembly (trigger system) and put it in an entirely different sized polymer frame.  You only have to buy the polymer frames for $40.  Amazing.  I can’t remember a more well thought out gun.  I will definitely add this and the other frames to my collection.  In my opinion, Sig hit a home run with the P320.