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Where do you put your elbows when you shoot? The elbows have a direct impact on your shooting so it’s important to know the three ways to hold them. You need to go to the range and see which way works for you AND they way you are built. Elbows

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Lucas Apps is the host of the Triangle Tactical Podcast, which is a weekly show that covers all things USPSA or IDPA. Lucas has done gun and gear reviews as well.  Recently he has expanded the podcast into three shows:  the main podcast, Junk Science and a live Q&A.  If

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Starting a new series on the pros or cons of target focused shooting as described to me on the Firearms Nation Podcast by YONG LEE. For years I’ve shot using Front sight focus and find that I’m slower and hitting a plateau. I’ll chart my progress in these VLOGS. Do

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Yong Lee has been a law enforcement officer for over 28 years and a firearms instructor for 25 of those years. He also is on the departments SWAT team for the past 11 years. In addition he is the departments Firearms Training Coordinator, Chief Firearms Instructor, and Use of Force

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Well I’m back to both vlogging and shooting matches! I have to tell you both are extremely fun. Sometimes life gets you down and impossible to get out and shoot on the weekends but things have gotten better and you’ll be seeing more from me at the range! Hope to

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My guest today is a writer, instructor and competitive shooter.  Joe Dawson writes about guns and gear for Recoil magazine, Breach Bang Clear and Modern Service Weapons.  He teaches swat officers and military guys how to reach out and touch bad guys at long distances with a rifle and he

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