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“Five Steps to an Awesome Firearms Training Program”


My guest this week is Aaron Cowan.  Aaron served in the Army and National Guard as an infantryman.  There he served as a rifleman and designated marksman in addition to learning small unit tactics and close quarter combat techniques.  After his service, Aaron became a private security contractor where he

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My guest this week is Caleb Giddings.  Most people first met Caleb when he was a contestant on the first season of the History Channel’s Top Shot series.  Before he was on the show, Caleb served in the Coast Guard and was a competitor in a variety of competitive shooting

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I’m back at the range for practice on getting better with my finger on the trigger guard and end up pulling the trigger fast. I do a fast draw drill and also break down the components of entering and exiting on steel. Make a side trip to 5.11 and end

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My guest this week is former Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan.  Shawn served in both Iraq and Afghanistan on SEAL Teams 2 and 8.  Once he finished his deployments he left the Navy and took a contractor position working for the CIA overseas.  Shawn has 14 years of combat experience and

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My guest this week is special forces veteran and firearms instructor Aaron Barruga.  After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan Aaron branched out to form his own training company, Guerrilla Approach.  He wants students to push themselves out of their comfort zone because that’s where the real learning begins. Aaron also

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Mike Hughes is a force to reckon with.  He played college football before he went on to become a patent attorney.  Along the way he got into pistol competitions and soon developed a dry fire tool called the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger Training Pistol or SIRT pistol for short.  This

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