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Ben Simonson is the owner and craftsman behind the company Boresight Solutions.  If you have a plastic framed gun, you probably already know about Boresight Solutions.  They were one of the first companies stippling (creating texture on frames) guns which forced the gun makers to develop better grips.  Boresight goes

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This latest VLOG is the beginning of another shooting journey with target focus shooting and my finger on the trigger guard. Thanks to the OK Corral Gun Club for an awesome match. Thanks to Yong Lee for the guidance. Shooting USPSA… Facebook Intagram Twitter Please SUBSCRIBE

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Ben Stoeger is a five time national champion in USPSA (action pistol).  He also is a world class competitor and firearms instructor.  Ben has written several books on shooting, dry fire practice and live skill training.  In addition he had time to produce two DVDs on shooting (“Training to Win”

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Normalcy Bias is a mental state for people in a crisis.  It makes people underestimate the crisis and the effects of the crisis by thinking things will always be normal.  This keeps people from preparing… Wayne Black has provided security protection details for several high powered clients including the former

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Finger on the trigger is something you are NEVER suppose to do but I try it today and holy crap! It really makes a difference in my shooting. As part of my transformation, I’m tweaking all aspects of my elbows and grip so why not try the finger on the

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Riley Bowman is the host of the Concealed Carry Podcast, a top 200 ranked podcast which talks and analyzes self defense shootings and discusses best practices when it comes to carrying a gun. Riley is also a NRA and Post Certified firearms instructor in Colorado and works full time at

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