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Randy Lee is the president and gunsmith at Apex Tactical, a company that specializes in gun parts for pistols.  Apex took off when they introduced a replacement sear for the Smith and Wesson M&P pistol line which made those gun shoot much better with a better trigger pull.  From that

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This is a replay from the 2016 Shooter’s Summit with 4 division Grandmaster in USPSA, Yong Lee.  Yong is also a full time law enforcement officer, firearms instructor and SWAT team leader.  He is certified as an instructor for the Force Science Institute and teaches officers not only how to

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I’m super excited to announce the 2017 Shooter’s Summit!  This year I’ve expanded the amount of speakers and the content is awesome.  The Summit runs from December 17th through the 23rd.  Each day tune in to listen to your favorite instructors, both competitive and tactical, discuss topics that relate to

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Scott Jedlinski also known as “Jedi” which is a very cool nickname to have, better than “gopher”..Scott is the brains and teacher for the Modern Samurai Project which is his training company.  His primary focus is teaching students the fundamentals of shooting their handguns with mini red dot sights or

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Alan Normandy is the brains and CEO of Battle Comp Enterprises which makes one of the most successful muzzle devices for AR-15 rifles.  It’s called, well, the Battle Comp which is short for compensator.  For the uninitiated, having a compensator allows gas to leave the rifle in a designed fashion. 

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Brian Wilson, not the singer, is the brain in charge at UM Tactical, a firearms accessory company.  Brian is an insightful designer who worked in both the auto and home industries before falling into the world of firearms.  By finding a solution to mounting a red dot on his handgun

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