Have you ever wondered what you would do or how you would react to being in an actual gunfight?  What kind of training do you do to prepare for it?  Do you have the mindset to win?  It would be nice to know the answers to those questions..well today my

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This podcast is a replay from the 2017 Shooter’s Summit.  The Shooter’s Summit brings together over 30 of the top firearms instructors, both from the competition and tactical worlds, to help you become a better shooter. Shannon Smith – Is a veteran of the US Army where he also spent 6

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Having a good belt for Everyday Carry is very important. The KORE ESSENTIALS X4 Gun Belt is definitely a good choice. It is very strong which is important to hold guns, holsters and magazines. It has a chinch style locking system which can adjust the size for a more individual

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Welcome back to another episode of the firearms nation podcast.  In the world of law enforcement, tactical firearms instruction and SWAT teams, one man stands out as a leader in all those arenas.  Scott Reitz served on the LAPD for 30 years.  Scott started on patrol and worked his way

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This podcast is a little different than the normal fare as I discuss a dark time in the world’s history.  I was given a copy of the book, Gun control in the third reich several years ago and was moved after reading it.  The author, Stephen Halbrook, is a well

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Steve Tarani is the first person to be interviewed twice on the Firearms Nation Podcast!  Steve is a rather imposing fellow, tall, strong and well versed in multiple ways to take you down.  He has studied numerous martial arts, mostly from the devastating knife arts of the Philippines and Indonesia

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