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Iain Harrison holds the title of being the first winner of the shooting reality TV show Top SHOT!  Iain used that victory to enter the world of firearms and began working in the industry doing PR at the laser grip company CrimsonTrace.  According to Iain, he was always the type

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ERNEST LANGDON of Langdon Tactical has teamed up with Beretta to release the new Px4 Carry full size gun. This is meant to be concealed with the added benefit of having a hammer and a DA/SA trigger to avoid any possible reholstering problems. Plus every gun will be given the

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Smith and Wesson have announced the new update to the M&P Shield line with the new EZ (Easy..?)  It is meant for people who can’t rack a slide or shoot a larger caliber.  While I get it, I don’t understand the massive grip safety (which is not on any other

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For the past three years at SHOT Show, I’ve been lucky to sit down with Michael Bane who is a media mogul in the shooting world.  Michael produces pretty much all of the top gun shows on the Outdoor Channel like, BEST DEFENSE, GUN STORIES with JOE Mantegna, SHOOTING GALLERY

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Mike Foley is the President of the US Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) going on his third year.  The first year he had to deal with the problems from the previous administration.  Year two started his agenda and now in year three, this is Mike’s presidency.  There are several pressing issues

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Adam Kraut is running for the NRA Board of Directors.  Adam is a lawyer and worked at a gun store before he got into the arena of political action.  Adam has shot firearms since he was a child and currently works on concealed carry issues in his state. The election

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